When you are selling your home, real estate agents will ask you to sign an agreement. This agreement is a legal contract which can be an absolute nightmare for you. The agents may call this a “standard” agreement. But it’s to their standard, not to yours.

All over Australia, homesellers are being ripped-off because they don’t realise the effect of what they are signing. They do not have the right information or experience to protect themselves. But now, for the first time in Australia, there is a simple way to protect yourself when you sell.

with an agent, until the agent first signs with you!

And what does the agent have to sign?

A Home Sellers’ Protection Guarantee

which you “attach” to any agent’s “standard” selling agreement. If the agent won’t sign this guarantee, then whatever you do…


Home Sellers’ Protection Guarantee: Click Here to Download

To find out more about consumer protection, visit Neil Jenman’s “Ethics in Real Estate” web site.